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Are you planning one of these? 


Do you have a Bridal Shower or a Baby Shower your planning? What about a Graduation party or an Anniversary celebration? All of these celebrations take lots of time planning and a lot of attention to detail. You could have 25 guests to over a 100 guests throughout the event, the question is will you be able to handle it all? I can help you with your ideas and help you make important decisions with your planning process or maybe you just want to do very little and let me do the rest, either way ... your event will be amazing!

Graduation Party
Graduation Party / Anniversary 


Graduation and Annivarsary parties vary from having maybe a family dinner celebration to having a backyard party to maybe renting out a venue location! There is so many details when it comes to these celebrations, you don't want to miss any!


Consultation is needed to go over your ideas and plans of what you would like to have.

Baby Shower
Bridal Shower
Baby Shower


What a blessed event this is and over whelming at the same time! Everyone is wanting to help with the plans but your just not sure what you really want to do. Give me a call and together we can figure out those details! 


Consultation is needed to discuss your plans and what it is your looking for to have at your shower. Remember, you can have an amazing baby shower on a budget and it would look like you spent a fortune!

Bridal Shower
If it's time for your Bridal shower, that means your Wedding is just around the corner!! You all ready have enough to plan and your Bridesmaids are probably needing some help, so give me a call and I would be happy to help!


Consultation is needed to discuss your ideas and thoughts of how you want this shower to be. Let me help by taking some of the stress away so that you can enjoy your moment!

Getting Married?? 

Are you planning a Wedding? Are you looking for an Ordained Minister to Officiate your ceremony? I can help you with that ... I became an Ordained Minister through a Non-Denomination Church on Aug 9, 2020! It would be an honor to help you with the ceremony. 

Contact me via text or email to set up a meeting to discuss your ideas!! 

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