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 Decor Ideas and Gifts


For many years now I have been crafting many items for gifts and decorations! I include custom made center pieces in my event packages however, I have so much more to offer you so I thought it would be a great idea to share it with you! If you would like one of these items feel free to contact me and together we can give a gift that will be treasured forever or maybe you would want to keep it for yourself! 

R3P Events Decor
Wedding Album
Center Pieces and Card Boxes


Custom made decorations for your event that will match your color(s) and theme.  There are various prices for these items due to the variations in sizes and styles however the starting cost range is from $15.00 to $100.00 for the center pieces and $50.00 to $145.00 for the card boxes. 



Card Box
Wedding Photo Albums


Custom made Wedding Albums designed just for you! I have been making these albums since 1986 and I love making these because every single one is different and beautiful! I can use your Wedding invitation as a design element on the front or maybe a photo of the two of you, the ideas just go on and on! 


The estimated cost on making one of these starts at $125.00

Baby Photo Album
Baby Book/Photo Album

These custom made book albums are the most precious designs I have ever made! 

Just like the Wedding albums, I have been making these since 1986 and are custom made just for you and your baby! This album was the most amazing one I've made due to I made it for my first Grandson! 

I make these albums to include baby book pages and photo pages. The ideas for these are also endless! 


The estimated cost on making one of these starts at $150.00

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